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Wix Training - Sending Invoices

This popular training video talks about invoices.

1. how do you create them?

2. how do you send them?

3. what do they look like?

4. and what can you do with them once you send them from within your Wix account?

The good news is that Wix and it's built in CRM, currently called Ascend, does a great job allowing you to create simple invoices. Getting them out and then integrating that even more so into your emails and workflows and automations

So how do you get set up with invoices?

First, you're going to go to settings and go down to e-commerce and finance. By the way you have to be connected to a premium plan to access most of this. You're going to go into invoices and quotes you can enter a company id if you require that in your region, your currency, your default payment terms. You can also add taxes if you have any that are going to be applied to every invoice. Again, you can remove ascend branding if you upgrade the ascend plan

Then, go over to invoices to edit your template. You can see there's all kinds of different fields that you want to set here including changing your initial invoice number. I don't like it starting with one so just make up a number. You can build in some different details about price quotes.

Everything is saved automatically so to create your first invoice you go back into finances, invoices, and if you haven't sent one yet it'll say get started. The first time you click this it'll ask okay for your business name and what email will the invoices come from. Then it will go into the new invoice, and you can see my default is “due on receipt”.

You can do auto payments with an upgraded Ascend if. Choose a contact or you can add a new contact. If you'd like, give it a title. Connect it booking services if you have those. Then add your legal terms. It's a good idea if you have terms and conditions to drop them in here just always good to have those attached to the invoice

Then you can preview it where it will grab your logo, the new starting number, the due date and all the info here.

Then you just click send and that'll trigger another pop-up where you can edit the message that actually is included in that email when that invoice goes out

So that is it! Once you have invoices, they will show up and you can send a reminder, archive them, void them, etc. You as the site owner will get notified when that invoice is paid and, in this screen, you can even see when the invoice has been viewed

So that's a starter kit for invoices, let us know what Wix training we can make next


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