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How to Connect Google Analytics to Google Ads (and why you should)

Google Adwords

When you're running an active online business, you should be able to see a full customer cycle – from how they interacted with your brand to how they fulfilled their goals. Connecting Google Analytics to google ads is a great way to have a bird's eye view of the information.

However, many are still unsure about it - believing that Google Analytics is only to show the results of their organic efforts. To them, linking the analytics with the ad wastes effort.

If you’re one of those thinkers, then this guide will change your mind. Here, you’ll learn how to connect Google Analytics to Google Ads and know the reason why it is important.

Let’s start with the why.

Why Connect Google Analytics to Google Ads?

Google provides a lot of information, but there are certain nuances that slip under the radar. But none of them can escape the analytics's gaze. Here are the seven reasons why you must connect Google Ads with Google Analytics.

  • You will get a precise peak at your performance: Monitoring the ad results can only tell you so much. And if you're a serious marketer, nothing should irk more than getting only half the information. Google Analytics gives you the full view, from the ad performance to the user behavior. You can use this info to create better marketing strategies.

  • Access to more engagement metrics: Bounce rate, average page view, average time on site, and other important metrics are not present on the Google Ad interface. Connecting Google Analytics will give you access to those.

  • Analyze your inorganic and paid marketing efforts in one place: A marketer knows the pain of switching between the tabs over and over again to gather data from multiple sources. Think about how much time would be saved if they didn't need to. By connecting Google Analytics with Google ads, you can be sure of that.

  • Getting better Ad reports: If you’re looking for a more holistic view of your campaign, you need to go beyond the numbers you see on your Google Ads screen. Google Analytics gives you a better advert report.

  • Getting Visual Analysis of the data: When you're making rapid decisions, you need data reports to tell you what you need to know instantly. Adding Google Analytics to Google Ads makes ads a visual layer to the data and makes them better.

  • Pointing out the Conversion Drivers: The tabular data you get on Google Ads doesn't make it easier for you to see which keywords are converting. However, with Google Analytics integration, pointing out the conversion drivers becomes much easier.

  • Retargeting: If you want to target prospects that have shown interest in your offerings, linking Ads and Analytics will help you. It will pass on the data to the target audience so that you can remarket.

Steps to Connect Google Analytics and Google Ads

Now that you know the why, here is how you connect the two Google utilities:​

1. Sign in to your Google Analytics Account.

Google Analytics homepage

2. Go to Admin and select the Property you want to Link.

Google Analytics Admin Account
Google Analytics Select Properties

3. Click on the Google Ads Linking button.

Google Analytics Linking Google Ads
Google Analytics Creating New Link Group

4. Select +New Link Group.

5. Choose the Google Ad account you want to link. Press Continue. 

Google Analytics Selecting Google Ads Account
Google Analytics Create Name

6. Give a name to the Link Group Title.

7. You can also select Enable Google Display Network Impression Reporting to get data for each property.

Complete Setup of Connecting Google Analytics to Google Ads


The best PPC campaigns are only possible if you have a holistic view of all the data. At Bizladder, we believe that the more data you have, the more tailored your marketing campaigns can become. If you want precision in your marketing efforts to get the best ROI, reach out to us.

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