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How to Setup Conversions in Google Ads

Once you've got your Google Ads Campaigns set up with the right keywords and the right content to back it up, your website will start generating clicks like there is no tomorrow.

But, unless you have a conversion tracking tool installed, you won’t know if those clicks are actually helping you generate sales.

With conversion tracking, you learn how well your campaign is doing. It will give you info about everything from email sigh-ups to downloads to sales to other key actions that helps you generate leads.

However, before you can set up the conversion tracking, you must set up conversions. That is, you need to specify the actions you consider to be an act of converting customers.

Setting Up Conversion Goals in Google Ads

Before setting up the conversion tracker for your business, understand what actions your business considers conversions. They can be:

  1. Purchasing the product through your website

  2. Signing up for a newsletter

  3. Filling an Online survey form

  4. Downloading the white paper

  5. Calling on the phone

  6. Downloading the PDF of a particular page

Knowing these actions is important because they will tell what activities to track once you start setting up a conversion tracker in Google ads. They are part of PPC campaign strategies that you can't ignore.

Therefore, your first task is to change the conversion goals according to your Google Ads Campaign.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to your Google Ads account.

  2. Click Setting s for the campaign you want to work with.

  3. Go to Additional Settings.

  4. Select Goals.

  5. Choose Use Campaign-specific goal settings.

  6. Select the conversion goals.

  7. Click on Save to finalize.

To edit the conversion setting for multiple campaigns, follow the steps below:

  1. Once you are in your Google Ads account, go to the campaigns table.

  2. Select the campaigns you want to edit.

  3. Click on Edit.

  4. Choose the Update conversion goals from the dropdown menu.

These steps will help you change the standard goals. They are campaign-specific and provide standard options that are available on most websites. But what if the business actions you consider to be conversions are different?

In that case, you need to change the custom goals.

Custom goals are the ones you create when the standard goals don't meet the requirement of your campaigns. It is helpful when your advertising objective is a slight bit different. For instance, suppose you want to turn "purchase product" and "submit feedback" into a single conversion goal.


With custom goals, you can set "purchase product" as the primary action and "submit feedback" as the secondary goal.

Here are the steps to set up custom conversion in Google Ads:

1. Go to your Google Account


2. Select the Tools Icon.​


3. Choose Conversions.



4. Scroll to the bottom of the page in the Conversions summary and expand the Custom Goals section. 

5. Add your Custom goal. 



6. Click on the Save button.

Setting up Conversions is the Key to a great Google Ads Campaign

What action do you consider to be a converting one? Knowing the answer to this question is the foundation for a successful Google Ads Campaign – but it is also the one that's mostly ignored.

Therefore, Bizladder always considers the nuances of custom conversion goals before starting a PPC campaign. Do you want to an ad campaign to yield real results? Reach out to us.

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