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Wix Repeaters: All You Need To Know & How To Apply Them

Among many other functionalities and features on Wix, one of the major ones is the Wix Repeaters.

So, what is a repeater? How can you use a repeater on your Wix website? What are some things you need to take care of?

Let us answer all those questions as you read further.

What is a Repeater?

Let us first understand what a repeater is before moving forward.

A repeater refers to a list of items with a similar design and layout but different pieces of content that can be customized item by the entity. Repeaters are a fantastic way to organize and showcase information such as events, news, and a list of other services.

How To Add a Repeater on Wix?

Here’s how you can add a repeater on your Wix website.

  1. Click Add on the left side of the Editor

  2. Click on Lists & Grids

  3. Select a template by clicking on it and drag and drop it to the desired location

  4. Set up your repeater’s content:

    1. Select the repeater in your Editor

    2. Click Manage Items

Follow these steps further:

  • Click Duplicate Item to add more items to the list

  • Click and drag items to re-order the list

  • Hover over an item and click on the Show More icon to delete or duplicate it.

Add Content To Items in Your Repeater

Items in a repeater tend to have a similar design. While the individual elements can be edited, the overall design can not be changed.

Any edits or additions you make to one item are reflected automatically on the other items in the repeater list. Drag and drop them from the Add panel onto one item to add an element to the items.

Adding More Items

You can further add additional items to a repeater. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Select the repeater in your Editor

  2. Click on Manage items.

  3. Click on Duplicate Item

  4. Edit your new item as you require

What Else Can You Do With A Repeater?: Features & Benefits

A Wix repeater has more customizable options that can be dynamic for every requirement.

  1. One of the major options is that you can change the layout for your repeater items through the Editor. Things like alignment, spacing between elements, etc., can be looked into through the Editor quite easily.

  2. Moreover, as mentioned above, the design of each element and item in the repeater can be tweaked easily, including changes in the text box, image, buttons, etc., on your repeater items.

  3. Upon connecting your repeater to a database collection, you can display content from your database collections. This includes connecting the repeater to the relevant collection and connecting each item to the appropriate field in your collections.


Including other many useful functionalities of Wix, the repeater does take precedence in many ways. If you have a website requiring you to list several items from the same collection or a different collection, a repeater can get the job done quickly.

Hence, exploring repeaters might make your job easier and your website looks more aesthetically pleasing.


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