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What Are Contacts, Members & Subscribers on Wix?

Wix can be a fantastic platform for your website visitors and users.

However, when it comes to interacting with your website visitors or other users, it can be done quite effectively. How you interact and engage with your users on Wix can determine how they perceive your business.

So, what kind of users can you engage or communicate with on your Wix website?

To avoid confusion, you can determine the type of users that visit your website and how you can interact with them online as a brand or a business.

Different Types of Users on Wix

Some users and visitors come to your website at different frequencies and various purposes. Based on that, these users can be classified into three major types.

  1. Contacts

  2. Members

  3. Subscribers

Now, let us look at contacts, members, and subscribers one by one


Contacts are those visitors who visit your Wix website and are on your Contacts List. Any visitor who fills up the contact form and gives their information in their form are automatically added to your site as a contact.

Apart from receiving information through a contact form, you can manually add contacts to your Wix website. Adding on, contacts can also be imported from Gmail or can be uploaded through a CSV file.

You can visit the Contacts section on your site’s dashboard to manage your contacts.


Any members who visit your website and have filled and submitted the Member signup form are considered members on your Wix website.

A user who is a Member will have their profiles in the Members Area and can interact and engage with the other community members. You can also help members take up roles on your site and assign badges to them to highlight their parts.

Moreover, a contact can be turned into a member manually, without filling up the signup form.


Subscribers are the visitors who have subscribed to your website or the newsletter specifically.

A subscriber essentially gives the website owners and businesses the permission to reach out to them using marketing emails, newsletters, or updates from your website.

The subscribers can be managed from the Contacts section of your Wix site’s dashboard.

Conclusion: Classifying Your Website Visitors For a Better Experience

Your website might have a variety of visitors arriving with different purposes.

This allows you to make their experience more personalized depending upon their goal to arrive there. Each type of user has its kind of utility and purpose.

Hence, having a different set of users classified helps you keep your users and visitors organized on your dashboard.


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