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Step by Step: How To Automatically Send Invoices on Wix

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Wix offers a wide variety of no or low-code options for someone to develop their website.

While automation sounds like a challenging job to many, you can quickly implement it on your Wix website in a few clicks.

One of the significant tasks that are pretty repetitive and mundane at the same time is sending invoices. While it’s an important task, no doubt, if and when done manually, it can take up a significant chunk of your time, resources, and efforts.

This is where automation comes in. So, let us understand how you can create invoices automatically.

How To Automatically Send invoices on Wix?

You can create and send invoices on Wix quite quickly and automate them.

So, let us figure out a step-by-step process on how you can automate your invoices on Wix and send it to every customer who has paid for their services or products.

  1. Go to your dashboard.

  2. Click on Settings

  3. As you keep on scrolling, you’ll reach the section called ‘eCommerce & Finance’

  4. Under that section, go to Order Settings

  5. On the top, there’s a checkbox mentioning ‘Automatically create invoices for every new order paid online’.

  6. Select that checkbox.

That’s all that is there to it. Once you check that box, your invoices will automatically be sent out when every order is paid online.

Check The Invoice Format

Now since your invoice is automated and will go on its own, it is imperative to check that all the details within the invoice are in place and consist of all the correct information.

  1. Go to your dashboard and visit Settings

  2. Scroll down and reach the eCommerce & Finance section

  3. Click on Invoice & Quotes at the end

  4. Select the tab on the top to ‘Invoices’

  5. Over here, you can make the necessary edits from the email that goes along with the invoice, the salutation at the end, business information, and more.

  6. Make the changes as and where required.

Wix Automations

Wix offers a host of automation features for its customers. Apart from the one covered above, you can set triggers when an invoice is paid, sent, or overdue.

The automation services and processes by Wix can streamline the billing process by quite a stretch. You can implement it through the Wix Invoices app on the Automation Dashboard.

Moreover, automation services are available for many other situations and requirements, such as sending automated mail to new site members, emailing them after 14 days of sign-up, etc.

Hence, getting acquainted with Wix Automations can work exponentially in any business’s favor in the longer run.


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