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Migrate From WordPress to Wix: Everything You Need to Know

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

WordPress and Wix are some of the top website builders, but many people are starting to transition to a hassle-free experience on Wix. While WordPress has been long-acclaimed as a more customizable option, it’s not the most realistic for tight budgets, quick site building, and a user-friendly experience. Business owners want to optimize their site fast, making Wix one of the most intuitive options without needing a background in coding. If you're looking to switch from WordPress to Wix, keep reading for some helpful tips.

The Benefits of Migrating From WordPress to Wix

When it comes to WordPress vs. Wix, there are ample benefits to each website builder. If you aren’t a tech wiz, WordPress can get overwhelming quickly, with the plethora of updates, software, plug-ins, SEO, and knowledge needed to achieve customization. Depending on your situation, WordPress may be counter-intuitive to your end goal of having a high-functioning website. Here are some of the top benefits of switching from WordPress to Wix.

Easy Design Customization: Wix is an all-in-one platform that allows you to customize with a ‘grab and go’ style easily. When you run a business that’s constantly evolving, launching new products/services, or looking to improve the user experience, the ease of Wix may pay off more in the long run.

Data: Wix hosts your data and keeps it secure across all platforms. 24/7 monitoring, including HTTPS and SSL protection, ensures all of your information is confidential. WordPress allows you to own all of your data, but if you don’t know what to do with it, this can lose its appeal quickly.

Built-In SEO: You may not have time to become an SEO expert while managing your business and site channels. Wix has a built-in easy-to-understand SEO platform so you can optimize your site with less stress. WordPress has a variety of extensive plug-ins, but there’s a significant learning curve for them.

Maintenance: Wix manages your website maintenance, meaning you don’t have to manage your security, updates, and data backups. This is a big-time and money saver for business owners.

Monthly Plans: When picking a monthly package, Wix has a ‘one and done’ appeal. While you can make upgrades, building a reliable business budget is more effortless. On the other hand, WordPress can get pricy with the level of add-ons needed to run your website.

How to Transfer From WordPress to Wix

Depending on your previous website's established, migrating from WordPress to Wix can be extensive. You need to move your website domain to Wix and preserve all the unique information assigned to your domain. It’s important to note that your Wix website will not look like a mirror image of your WordPress.

However, it should migrate all of your essential information and organization on the platform when done correctly. You can optimize the site and make final adjustments to get it back to a professional, user-friendly site. Here are the basics of what is needed when switching from WordPress to Wix.

  1. Perform a backup of your WordPress website.

  2. Create a plan for your new website setup. For example, What’s staying the same? What do you need to replicate? What are your top priorities for the new site?

  3. Gather all necessary data that will need to be transferred or modified—for example, copywriting, SEO, design tactics, software, web marketing strategies, etc.

  4. Create a Wix account with your business email.

  5. Choose a customizable template and monthly package, and maintain a similar style to your previous site.

  6. Connect your old domain to your Wix website. Go to the dashboard of your domain registration and turn off the confidentiality protection, making sure your website isn’t blocked. On the Wix dashboard, go to connect domain. The DNS settings will need to be altered so that visitors can access your new website.

  7. Create the pages and navigation of your Wix site based on your WordPress. If you want to do an entire site revamp, this is the best time to plan your new design strategy.

  8. Download your files from your WordPress database and connect them to the Wix server.

  9. Design the structure of your Wix website with all writing, videos, images, products, navigation, promotions, pop-ups, and customization. Ensure to retain all your information during the transfer, so it’s easy to migrate data from WordPress to Wix.

Transferring your website can be a long process; without the proper knowledge, you risk losing imperative business analytics, content, and data. It’s vital that you correctly disconnect your domain from WordPress and integrate it into your Wix so the website is functional. You want to lose the traction and organic traffic on your previous site.

Consult a Professional For to Switch From WordPress to Wix

If you consider a site transfer, you are probably looking to make your life easier. As a business owner, you may not have time to have your website ‘off the web’ for a long while undergoing the migration process. Here at BizLadder, we offer done-for-you content and personally transfer websites from WordPress to the Wix platform.

We can take the stress off your shoulders while maintaining your site's integrity, design, customization, domain information, and user accessibility. Site migration can be a confusing process, and there’s a lot on the line you can lose if it’s not performed correctly.

Contact Bizladder today at 302-307-3247 for a consultation on your transfer from WordPress to Wix! We’re ready to make the migration process a breeze with industry expertise and swift timelines.


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