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The Science Behind Wix's 99.98% Uptime

Have you ever gone online and clicked on a website only to find that it had crashed?

We've all been there. Outages can feel like an eternity - even worse if your own website is offline!

And for businesses, downtime can be disastrous! It's not exactly great news when our customers (or potential clients) are left unable to access our site or services, right?

That’s why it’s so impressive that Wix manages to keep its servers running at an industry-leading 99.98% uptime rate.

So how exactly does the world's leading website builder pull this off?

As your trusted partner in website optimization, let’s look at the incredible engineering behind the scenes that keeps Wix running like a well-oiled machine.

Maximized workload performance with the flexibility of multi-cloud hosting.

Wix, a leading web hosting company, understands how essential your (and our) website is to be available and working properly. After all, when your site goes down, you lose out in lots of different ways!

So, what's their secret sauce to keep everything running smoothly? Multi-cloud hosting!

It’s a technical term that essentially means the use of multiple cloud services spread across the world. They know that a website's uptime is critical to its success, which is why they have designed its site infrastructure with multi-cloud hosting in mind. With this framework in

place, we can assure that our sites will always be available for visitors to view and interact with.

So, how did they do it? Wix utilizes the highest-grade technologies from AWS, Google Cloud, Fastly, and its own data centers to ensure that websites remain running even in cases of provider downtime. This ensures our sites always stay up, and your visitors can get to them without a hitch!

The combination of these multiple data centers in different geographical locations makes BizLadder client websites available no matter what unexpected event may arise. With Wix’s distributed cloud hosting network, we can feel confident that our websites won't be left hanging during outages or maintenance - because chances are good that at least one node is always open for business!

Lightning-fast speeds and maximum worldwide reach with cutting-edge CDN coverage.

To maintain fast performance and support access from around the world as a web hosting service provider, Wix uses a worldwide CDN (Content Delivery Network) that ensures latency is minimized and your experience is consistently smooth.

As mentioned, Wix has engineered an intricate network of global data centers, further bolstered by more than 200 CDN nodes around the globe! This powerful system ensures that site visitors experience a lightning-fast loading time no matter where they access it - making their overall experience exceptional everywhere in the world!

In addition, they constantly monitor slow load times and automatically shift traffic to the closest server for an optimal user experience. No slow load time-- only your site is just a click away!

With its top-notch server resources and support team, you and your customers will never miss a beat online!

Constantly prepared for growth.

Wix, as one of the top website builders, has put measures in place to scan incoming traffic so that it can automatically scale resources up or down as needed, enabling speedy loading times no matter the size of your audience.

This ensures that all visitors to your website have a fantastic experience and can connect with what you're offering without any technical roadblocks or interruptions.

How? Wix's infrastructure is designed to process a minimum of 4.5 billion requests daily but can easily accommodate much higher traffic! With the platform's automatic scaling technology, you don't have to worry about sudden increases in visitors or transactions impacting performance; They already anticipate success by preparing for any potential spikes ahead of time. This ensures a steady stream of reliable results on your web pages no matter what demand may come its way!

So, thanks to their expertise in infrastructure engineering, website owners like us don’t have to worry about our online store getting overwhelmed—they’re always ready to scale!

24/7 automated monitoring.

Above all, Wix understands that eliminating unexpected outages is of utmost importance to its users (us!). From monitoring performance to fixing unforeseen issues, its hosting server is always on so that you don't have to be! That's why it takes all the hassle out of managing a website by providing 24/7 automated and monitored hosting services (and friendly customer support, too!).

No more waking up in the middle of the night or fearing that your site is going offline - Wix has taken care of it for you. It's all part of their commitment to providing world-class website hosting and services; no matter what time of day it is, their uptime promises are always met!

So, say goodbye to those worrying days when your website suddenly goes offline because, with Wix’s 99.98% reliable performance, you and I can relax knowing our service remains consistent every hour of every day.

Final Thoughts

Keeping our client’s websites up and running around the clock requires a commitment to quality engineering – something Wix unquestionably takes very seriously!

So, is reliable? Absolutely! Its dependability is unquestionable than any other web hosting companies out there!

With their state-of-the-art cloud hosting technology, sophisticated monitoring software and web servers, and robust backup solutions, we can ensure that our website stays accessible 24/7 without interruption (even during peak traffic times or unexpected outages)! Plus, they offer different web hosting plans for all budgets and prices!

And here at Bizladder, we understand how important this kind of reliability is for businesses like yours, so we trust in Wix's dependable web host platform every day—and you should too!

Ready to discover the potential of your website? Get in touch with us right away and find out how our services can help your business reach even greater heights!


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