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How To Use Wix Recurring Invoices: A Complete Guide

Wix Recurring Invoices can be a game-changer for your business.

Wix Invoices is a powerful tool. Furthermore, the recurring invoicing feature on your dashboard can allow your customers to pay you weekly, monthly, annually, or whatever the timeline is.

A recurring invoice feature on the platform can help you save a lot of headaches and bookkeeping duties and maintain an organized record of things in a consolidated manner.

So, let’s dive deeper and help you understand how to use and add a recurring invoice mechanism on your Wix website in a few easy steps.

How To Add Recurring Invoices on Wix?

You can add recurring invoices to your website in a few simple steps. However, the difference between the free and premium Ascend users is one thing to note.

As stated by Wix, free Ascend users are permitted to create and send up to 5-lifetime invoices. Hence, if your business requires more of these, feel free to upgrade to the premium version.

  1. Visit your Wix website’s dashboard and go to Recurring Invoices.

  2. Click on Get Started.

  3. Choose the time frame you want to charge your customers in.

  4. Under the billing cycle, select a frequency.

  5. In the ‘Ends after’ tab, select to end the recurring invoice after a set amount or custom amount of occurrences or set the number of occurrences as unlimited. Click on Next after done.

  6. Select 7, 14, or 30 days in the Due Date section, as per your requirement. You can also choose a custom due date.

  7. Once done, choose a contact from your Contacts list in the Customer tab.

  8. Come to the Invoice Title tab, and enter a title to summarize the reason for payment.

  9. Under the Product or Service tab, you can select one of the following:

    1. Existing product or service: Start typing the product or service name and select it from the list.

    2. New product or service: Click + Add New and enter its details.

  10. You can further write a description next to the product or service, as chosen by you.

  11. Enter the price under the Price section.

  12. Input the amount for the specific product or service under the Quantity section.

  13. Add any relevant taxes under Tax. Select an existing tax from the drop-down menu, or create a new one.

What’s More With Wix Recurring Invoices?

Once done adding your Wix Recurring Invoices, it allows you to add discounts. You can input any value, if applicable.

You can also edit or modify your recurring invoice on Wix in simple steps. This adds to the overall flexibility of the Wix recurring invoices. Similarly, for every single invoice developed, there’s a link that you can share with your customers through the dashboard.

Recurring invoices can help subscription-based businesses and entities to leverage this feature. Managing, canceling, and using recurring invoices is indeed a step towards business transformation on Wix.


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