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How To Update An Existing Payment Form on Wix?

Wix’s payment form abilities allow users to host their payment checkout pages on the Wix platform itself.

The ability to integrate your payments page onto the main Wix website itself eliminates creating a separate landing page to accept payments.

While we’ve covered how to create a payment form from scratch, we will be covering how you can update an existing payment form on Wix. Let us understand the step-by-step process to update a payment form on Wix.

How To Update Payment Form on Wix?

Editing the form of your payment isn't a challenging task once you’ve added your payment form. Follow these steps to edit your payments form on Wix.

  1. Select the form you want to edit in the Editor

  2. Click on Form Settings

  3. Click on the Payment tab

  4. Click on Get Started

  5. Click Next

  6. You can add more items to your form by following these steps:

    1. Single Item: Click on Single Item, then Next. Input the item price and item name

    2. List of Items: Follow the same steps as above; however, select List of Items and keep on adding the items one by one

  7. Click Next

  8. Connect a payment method and click on Done

What Else Can You Update in Wix Payment Form?

Apart from adding or removing items from the Wix Payment Forms, you can edit and look into other things when updating your payment forms. Some of these updates are:

  1. Customize design your forms and create them as per your requirements

  2. It can be edited if you’re no longer selling the product or service. By removing the payment options for the specific product or service from the payment form

  3. You can add more fields or remove them as well, as per the information required

Updating Your Payment Form on Wix

There are a ton of them when it comes to payment forms on Wix and its functionalities. Apart from Payment Forms, it allows users to edit their payment info pages on an e-commerce website. This enables users to tailor it as per the rest of the website.

Adding a payment form to your website is a business-friendly feature that can get you many sales. Moreover, customers having an option to fill up a form and get their payments done in one go is yet another testament to user experience and growth.


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