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How to manually create an order on Wix Store

Wix Stores allow you to enter the order details that you process offline. It keeps your inventory up to date and your records always straight.

You can customize your manual order to reflect the personalized nature of the sale. For instance, suppose you've taken an accessory package order from your customer via the phone; you can create a manual order on your website, taking those details into account.

Step 1: Add the existing store products to the order

Your first step is to add any of your current store products into the manual order. Also, to create a custom item for your customer – as we discussed at the start – you can add the item and set its custom price.

Here are the steps to add one or more products:

  1. Click on the order tab on your website's dashboard.

  2. Click on Add new order.

  3. Select the order you want to add by clicking on the checkbox buttons beside the listed items.

a.To add products from your store

i. Select Add Product.

ii. Click on the products you want to add.

iii. Finalize your selection by clicking on the add button.

iv. In case the product has many options, click on options.

v. Change the quantity or the other custom options about the product.

b. To create and add customized items

i. Select Add custom items.

ii. Input the title of the item.

iii. Enter the price.

iv. Enter the description and click on the add button.

Step 2: Adding a customer to your order

Now comes the task of adding a customer's details to your order. If you're dealing with a returning customer, the process is simple. All you need to do is click on add customer details, select the customer's name from the list and click on add new customer button.

Following the steps below to add a new customer

  1. Select Add Customer Details.

  2. Click on Add New Customer.

  3. Input your customer’s details.

  4. If the customer wants to be your website's subscriber and receive blog posts and other updates, click the Subscription not set drop-down button under the Email and pick subscribed.

  5. You can further customize your selection by adding labels or assigning your customers to someone else on your team.

  6. After completing the tasks, click on the Save button to end.

Step 3: Select Shipping Settings

Now comes the time to create the order. But before that, you need to decide the way your order will reach your customer. Choose among the applicable shipping, pickup, or delivering options available at your store. Here are the steps:

  1. Click on Add Shipping button

  2. Select from the shipping options available in the drop-down menu

  3. Click on the Add button to finalize your selection.

Note: If you want to edit a preselected shipping option, click on the Edit icon beside it.

Step 4: Create your order

Now that you've taken all the steps, you can click on create the order to finalize your selection. The order will appear on your dashboard's order tab. Don’t forget to contact your customer later – for payment.

Optional step

You can provide your customers with a discount if you wish. While it won't work for any redeemable coupon, you can give a discount of the same amount of your own volition. The steps are as follows:

  1. Select Add Discount.

  2. Enter how much value you're providing.

  3. Finalize by clicking on Apply.


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