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Display Low Stock Indicators on Wix!

Good news... Wix has just released a quantity and inventory indicator on your product page!

This is a really powerful conversion tool. It creates urgency. It lets people know who might be on the fence about buying that "you need to buy this now, before it goes out of stock"

We highly recommend at least testing this on your e-commerce site and in more cases than not, it's going to improve your conversion rate. Even if it's incremental, every step up that ladder helps.

To set this up, check out our training video...

OR follow along here

The first thing you're going to do is go into your editor in the product page. Go into settings and "low stock message" will be an option. it will display on any inventory less than 10. Save and publish.

Now here's the thing. It's only going to show up if the product tracks inventory. Obviously if it doesn't have inventory, it doesn't have anything to display. In your dashboard go to store products and then products. Click on your product, in this case, my fake dog treats. Go down to "inventory and shipping" and then the "track inventory" option. Make sure the option is active and you have a positive inventory level set


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