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A Guide To Setting up A Customized Product Store on Wix

A customized product store online is a fantastic way to attract customers. Adding an element of personalization to the products you have listed on your Wix website can help you gain a lot of traction.

So, can you add a customized product store on Wix? What are the prerequisites? Moreover, how can you showcase the element of personalization and customizable products better on Wix?

Let us help you figure it out today and understand how your customers can “Design Your Own Product” on your website.

Can You Sell Customisable Products on Wix?

The straight answer to that question is no. Wix does not offer an option to sell or list customizable products due to a lack of advanced customizable options for Wix Stores products.

While Wix is aware of the requirement raised by many users and is even listed on their Requests page, you can vote for the feature, too, helping Wix make a better decision when it comes to it.

What’s The Alternative To Customizable Products Store on Wix?

On looking closely at the requests page on Wix about the customizable product stores, you can find the answer to your question. The ‘add a message box’ option is something close that Wix offers to its users and their customers for now.

Here’s how you can implement it on your website

  1. Go to your website’s dashboard

  2. Click on Store Products and then Products

  3. Select the product you want to add a customizable element to

  4. Determine the degree and element of customization available for the product that’s listed on your Wix website

  5. For instance, let’s say in this scenario it’s the type of font that will be added to a product

  6. Mention the ‘personalized’ or ‘customizable’ element of your product in the description as well as the title

  7. Scroll down and reach the Custom Text section. You can determine the character limit and let the people know about the feature here by writing ‘Add Your Personalized Text Here’ or something similar

  8. Furthermore, move down to Product Options and add ‘Fonts for personalization’ as an option for your customers below. Edit the choices for this option by listing the fonts available for the font

  9. After that, go to the variants and click on Manage to ensure that the choices listed are correct and in the proper order


A Customized Products Store on Wix might not be directly available. Still, the list of other capabilities listed and many other features can help customers decide if and when they can buy a product after going through them thoroughly.

As Wix develops, we’re pretty sure that a customized store feature might make an entrance, but for now, the current set of functionalities can get the job done temporarily.


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