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How To Create & Add Product Collections on Wix

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

User experience proves a vital role in any e-commerce website’s success.

It has to be top-notch and easy to use to ensure that your customers don’t have a hard time finding you and exploring your website.

One way to simplify the navigation for your users is to add collections or categories for your customers to determine the products they want to look at quickly. You should have categorized products that can be further classified for this to occur.

Let us look at how you can add a product collection on Wix in a few steps.

How To Add Product Collections on Wix?

Having a well-organized collection on your Wix eCommerce website impacts your users' navigation through your website positively.

Here are the steps to add a collection to your website.

  1. Click on Store Products below your Dashboard

  2. Click on Collections

  3. Click + New Collection

  4. Enter a new name for the collection on the right

  5. Add a collection image:

    1. Click the Plus icon under Collection Image

    2. Add an image and click Add To Page

  6. Add products to the collection. You can even add one product in more than one collections

  7. Click on Add products

  8. Select the products you want to include in the collection and click on Add

  9. Click Save

Where Do You Want The Collection To Appear?

Once your collection is ready, you can decide how it appears and where it appears.

You can showcase your products in the Product Gallery too. To select which collection you want to display in the product gallery, do the following:

Navigate to the page consisting of the relevant Product Gallery in the Editor

  • Click the Product Gallery

  • Click the Settings icon

  • Click the Collections tab

  • Click to select the collection you want to display

This will ensure that your product collection appears in the product gallery. However, Product Galleries tend to show the All Products collection by default.

Easy To Use, Easy To Navigate: Wix Collections

Wix Collections are simply categories of products that can be listed on your website.

Each collection can include a name and an image to be easily identified. Moreover, once your collection is made, you can delete it, reorder it, and remove your required products.

Hence, make sure that you have a collection that fulfills the requirement of your eCommerce store and caters to your customers’ needs.


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