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How To Change Wix Product Option Images

Wix's host of features for e-commerce websites can help your business make an impact when it comes to selling online.

Product options are a feature that Wix offers to its users to showcase their products on a wider variety. With the product options feature, you can showcase your product better and allow your consumers to make a more calculated decision.

Let us understand how you can create a product option on Wix and change its images to showcase the more significant variants of your products on your Wix website.

Create Your Product Options On Wix

Firstly, let's help you understand what product options involve.

The simplest of words allows the customers to customize their choices. Here are some terminologies you should keep in mind.

  1. Product Options: This refers to the type of option. For instance, color, flavor, etc.

  2. Product Option Choices: This includes the choice that a customer can make out of the product options available. For example, the option 'fragrance' might have choices like lavender, strawberry, etc.

  3. Variant: Refers basically to the permutations of the items that you sell. For example, red & lavender, blue & strawberry, etc., are different combinations of available products.

Here's how you can create product options easily.

  1. Visit the Store Products tab in your website's dashboard

  2. Select an existing product or click on New Product and then select Physical

  3. Scroll down to the Product Options section

  4. Click + Add Options

  5. Choose the options you want to add and the variations.

How To Change Product Option Images?

Adding different images to your Wix website allows all your customers to visualize your product options easily.

Follow this step-by-step process to connect images to your product options.

  1. Go to the Store products tab and then click on Products

  2. Select a product with product options

  3. Scroll down to the Product Options section and click Connect Images

  4. If you've created more than one type of option, select the appropriate option.

  5. Click on the Plus icon next to the first option choice.

  6. Select and upload the images you want (up to 7) for every option.

  7. Click done and then finally click on Apply


When it comes to Wix and option images specifically, they can be a significant advantage for any business. The ability to showcase the different variants of your product to your customers online can impact their buying behavior positively.

Changing the Wix Product Option images is easy and can be done straight from your dashboard. Moreover, you can keep updating the product options images per your requirements.


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