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How To Change Wix Form Email Notifications

Forms on Wix are a super convenient way to gather information for your business, whether for receiving inquiries, a survey, or getting their details to personalize the user experience.

When a user fills up your Wix form, they receive an email notifying them of the successful submission of the form. However, there’s a way that you can make it more personalized.

Let us help you cover how you can change the email notifications setting for your forms on Wix and make it more aligned with your business and its tone of voice.

What Are The Types of Email Notifications?

Wix Forms’ capabilities allow it to send notifications for two primary use cases to the collaborators and other users' emails who fill up the form and submit it.

  1. Inbox, Email, and Mobile App: The owner and other collaborators will be notified through their connected emails, Wix Inbox, and the Wix Owner app.

  2. Email Only Notifications: These include notifications that are for external addresses which aren’t a part of your site.

Which Type Of Notification Should You Chose?

The two types of notifications on Wix have their own sets of benefits and usage.

For instance, if a collaborator receives a notification by Wix Inbox, Email & Mobile app, they can click on ‘Respond Now’ below the form submissions, giving them easy access to Wix Inbox.

Moreover, since the conversation and responses on the form are visible to all the collaborators, they can respond to them on time from the official email of your business.

Whereas, for an Email-only notification, there isn’t a respond now button and the submissions have to be replied to through the conventional reply button.

How To Decide Who Gets Notified?

Once your form is made and published online, you can decide who gets notified. Wix allows you to add site collaborators and additional external emails to a form’s notification settings in your dashboard.

To decide who gets notified regarding form submissions:

  1. Go to Forms in your site’s dashboard

  2. Select the form for which you want to update the settings: These settings can differ for standalone and site forms

  3. Under Email Notifications, you’ll see options for ‘Site Contributors’ and ‘Other Emails’

  4. Select the checkbox below to include a site user’s form submission as a notification.

Wix Form Notifications: Things To Know

Once done, your users will be receiving the emails for form submissions. You can ensure that the form and the submitted data are secure.

Moreover, there are options within the Form Settings that can help you to determine how you use the data for an improved customer experience for your users.

The options allow you to use Wix datasets and collections much more efficiently, along with the collected data from the Wix Forms. Notifying your users about any action they take on your website is a good practice that promotes transparency and security.


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