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How Can You Add Product Options on Wix?

When it comes to online shopping or an e-commerce website, the experience counts.

One of the shortcomings of an e-commerce website might be the ability not to touch and feel the product up close and personal, but there’s a way that can be achieved partially.

Showcasing different product variants to your customers increases their chance to buy from you often. You can do that easily on your Wix website using the Product Options feature.

Let us understand how Product Options enable businesses to operate more efficiently and how you can quickly implement them on your Wix website.

What Are Product Options?

Product options refer to the different variants that the same product might have to offer. For instance, a store selling t-shirts might have them in different colors, sizes, and prints.

Hence, for a customer to buy a t-shirt from that store, they must see what they’ve got to offer.

How To Create Product Options on Wix?

Before moving forward with how to create a product options part, let us first understand some of the terminologies around product options.

  1. Product Options: This refers to the type of option. For instance, color, flavor, etc.

  2. Product Option Choices: This includes the choice that a customer can make out of the product options available. For example, the option 'fragrance' might have choices like lavender, strawberry, etc.

  3. Variant: Refers basically to the permutations of the items that you sell. For example, red & lavender, blue & strawberry, etc., are different combinations of available products.

Here’s how you can product options using a step-by-step process.

  1. Visit the Store Products tab in your website's dashboard

  2. Select an existing product or click on New Product and then select Physical

  3. Scroll down to the Product Options section

  4. Click + Add Options

  5. Choose the options you want to add and the variations.

What More Can You Do With Product Options?

Product options on Wix are a fantastic way to showcase your products and their different versions.

Apart from putting in the description and names for different product variants, you can also add other pictures for each product, and that too with ease. This allows your customers to imagine the product to a much closer extent visually.

Wix also offers features to manage product options for your website. It can be done in two different ways.

You can track the number of specific product variants you have in stock. This means that the inventory number gets updated as and when a sale occurs.

Another way to track your inventory is that you can manually allocate product variants with an "In Stock" or "Out of Stock" tag. When a product variant is out of stock, you can manually change the status to "Out of Stock" and similarly back to “In Stock” once they happen to be available.


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