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Guide To Working With Backgrounds & Layers on Wix

Whenever you are working on Wix, it’s always essential to look at the website as a layer of content pieces, elements, and objects.

This ensures that everything is in the right place and positioned effectively. These layers include images and pictures, whether product pictures, background images, or any other images involved.

So, how can you work with layers efficiently and change the background images on your website? Let us understand the functionalities of layers on Wix.

How To Access The Layers Panel on Wix?

Accessing the layers panel on Wix is easy and can be done with a few clicks.

Once you open the Wix Editor, you can access the layers panel under Tools in the top right corner.

Click on Layers. The section lists two options named Header, Footer, and Page as drop-down menus.

How To Change The Page Background Using Layers on Wix?

It is always recommended to know your layers. Once you click on the Page drop-down arrow, you’ll see the elements involved and included on your website.

  1. Identify the different layers present on your Wix website

  2. You might not be able to view the page background due to the multiple layers involved in the website

  3. Select the layer on top and drag it down. You’ll be able to view the background

  4. The Change Page Background appears on top as you shift the layer further downwards

  5. Choose from the available images on the left and click on Apply To All at the bottom

  6. Once you’ve changed the background color, make sure the rest of the elements allow the image to be visible

Familiarizing With Layers on Wix

When it comes to editing any of the elements and layout of your website overall, it’s always beneficial to think of it layer by layer.

Wix’s layers mechanism lets you keep every element of your website published, organized, and in front of your eyes. Another great practice that might help you name your layers correctly and in the correct order.


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