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GET MORE SUBSCRIBERS: How To Add A Lightbox To Wix

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Adding a pop-up lightbox is one of the most effective ways to grab your visitor’s attention when they land on your website.

Lightbox pop-ups can serve plenty of purposes and communicate an update, a sale, a limited period offer, or simply a call to action to subscribe to your weekly newsletter. Wix allows a degree of customization for a Lightbox pop-up on its website.

Let us learn more about the Wix Lightbox pop-up and how you can publish it on your website.

What Are Wix Lightboxes?

Lightboxes or lightbox pop-ups are a fantastic way to ensure that your visitors get to see the message you want them to see first. It is a pop-up that tends to appear before the landing page and covers the screen.

It appears on the front; meanwhile, the landing page loads at the back. Users can opt to click on the call to action or close it.

A Lightbox on your Wix website tends to appear once per session to your visitors.

Adding Lightboxes To Your Wix Website

Wix has a wide range of templates and lightboxes to choose from. Adding a lightbox can be for something as simple as a “Welcome back” message or a “Subscribe to us” call to action. Here are the steps to add Lightboxes to your website:

  1. Click Add on the left side of the Editor

  2. Click Interactive

  3. Select the lightbox category and type

  4. Drag and drop a lightbox element into your page

Set A Trigger For Your Lightbox

Once you have selected the template and the design, you can choose the trigger for your lightbox to appear.

  1. Open Lightbox Mode

  2. Click the lightbox

  3. Click on Set Triggers

  4. Click an option under Automatically display lightbox on pages:

    1. Yes: The lightbox appears when the page loads

    2. No: The lightbox does not open on a visitor’s visit to the website. However, it can trigger an open by linking it to an element

Design Your Lightbox

The Wix lightboxes can be customized. You can add a background image to your existing template with elements such as a color, a photo, or a video.

  • Open Lightbox Mode

  • Click the lightbox

  • Click the Design icon

  • Select the type of background you want, which can include color, an image or a video even

How Do You Want Your Lightbox To Close?

Adding to the list of features available to customize your lightbox, there’s an option to determine how to close your lightbox for your visitors. Here are the steps to do so.

  1. Open the Lightbox Mode

  2. Click the lightbox

  3. Click the settings icon

  4. Select the way you want the lightbox to close, with the options being

    1. The ‘X’ icon

    2. The ‘Close’ button

There’s another option that Wix offers to close a pop-up. That is by clicking on the overlay or the space around the lightbox.

Takeaway: Lightboxes Can Communicate Effectively

Adding a Lightbox pop-up to your Wix website can help you communicate effectively what you want to share.

Moreover, it also helps your users understand that your website has to offer something more beyond what’s already there on your website.

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Mark Millin
Nov 17, 2023

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