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All You Need To Know About Wix Dynamic Pages

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Wix is a fantastic tool for small business owners and brands to create their websites and digital presence.

It has a fantastic set of tools to help users tweak their websites as per their needs.

One such tool is the Wix Dynamic Pages. Let us understand the dynamic pages and how they can make a difference in your website’s overall performance, user experience, and content delivery.

What Are Dynamic Pages?

A dynamic page on your Wix website is a web page that can change its content while keeping the same design and layout. In Wix, any dynamic page that you create is connected to a central content manager. This allows you to populate all the pages you want by entering info in your collection.

Dynamic Page Presets

When you add the Wix Content Manager to your site, there's a choice to choose from several presets. This preset consists of a collection and two dynamic pages linked to that collection.

A Preset on your Wix website is a carefully curated, connected, and pre-designed dynamic page with a specific look and style. They are created automatically with collections for you to store the content of your website.

There are two different kinds of pages that are available on Wix:

  1. Dynamic list page: This list page lists all your items and functions in a menu form for your users to navigate and choose from the available options and features. This feature appears on the Pages panel as “Collection Name” (All).

  2. Dynamic item page: This page showcases the actual content that you curate for your website. The content that the item page showcases coordinates o an item in your collection. This appears on your site’s Pages section as “Collection Name” (First Field Name)

Things To Note About Dynamic Pages

Dynamic pages on Wix allow a greater sense of flexibility for you to create content and update it on your page. Any content you update enables the rest of the page’s content to adapt accordingly to that edit.

Here are a few things to know about Wix Dynamic Pages

  1. Due to their dynamic nature, linking to content on the Wix dynamic page can’t be done similarly to a static page.

  2. The dynamic page datasets allow you to control how elements on the dynamic page you create interaction with the data in your collections.

  3. Dynamic pages allow for dynamic SEO settings. This will enable you to select the content you want to reflect on your page.


Wix dynamic pages can be a helpful tool for any business or brand looking forward to upping their content game on the website.

By introducing yourself to dynamic pages, you get many options to create a better user experience and a sleeker, more functional website for your business. Starting with a basic website and adding the dynamic element down the line is another option to get acquainted with it.


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