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All About Wix Invoices

How to create them, send them, and get paid! 2 simple steps will get you set up in your premium Wix website and allow you to send your first invoice.

Check out this video here...

Remember, keep things simple...your business will get complicated soon enough. By sending invoices directly within Wix, you'll have full access to the entire Ascend suite* with reminders, automations, marketing, and building lifetime value for your clients!

With Wix Invoices you can easily request payments from customers and clients. it's your central location to create, track, automate and receive payments

It means you won't need to look for another platform to handle invoicing for you. Everything will be inside of your website. From sending invoices and quotes to managing finances and running reports for specific time periods.

This makes it easier to create budgets and manage tax implications for your business.

Even if you have a system, the ability to manage all your payment requests and transactions in one place can save you a lot of time and hassle.

*The Ascend package involves upgrading multiple Wix apps with different pricing tiers. Before buying, make sure you fully understand your goals and what you are paying for


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