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Adding and Editing FAQs Page on Wix

Frequently asked questions or FAQs are essential for any effective e-commerce business or website.

It displays all the questions your customers might have before making the final purchase. That makes your website a lot more transparent and answers all the questions your customers might have, hence increasing the chances of making the final purchase.

So how can you make a helpful FAQs page on your Wix website? Moreover, what are some of the best practices to follow while creating a FAQs page?

How To Create an FAQ Page on Wix?

To create an FAQ page, you can have the right tools and techniques to execute.

The Wix FAQ page helps users create an FAQ page, providing layouts with customizable settings.

Here’s how you can add the Wix FAQ app to your website.

  1. Open the Wix App Market

  2. Search for “Wix FAQ” in the search bar

  3. Select Wix FAQ from the menu

  4. Click Add to Site

Edit & Customize The FAQ App Accordingly

Once you’ve downloaded the FAQ app on your Wix website, go ahead and edit the existing information. You can do this using the following steps:

  1. Select and open the app from the Wix editor

  2. Click on settings

  3. Click on the Display tab

  4. You can edit the title of your FAQ and search bar under Title & Search

  5. Determine if you’d want to list your questions in categories or go under the ‘Display FAQ as’ section

  6. Select the categories (if any) you’d want to display under Choose content to display, or you can select All content to show all the categories in your FAQ

  7. You can even determine the social media channels you’d want to display. Select the social media channels, and further, you can add a share button under specific platforms

The FAQ app also allows changing the layout of your FAQ section. Select the layout you want to go for, and you can customize the app’s height, spacing, and alignment settings.

To customize your FAQs page design, and add a different background, colors, icons, dividers, etc., follow the listed steps below:

  1. Select the Wix FAQs app in your Editor

  2. Click Settings

  3. Click on the Design tab

  4. Customize your FAQ’s header, background, questions, and answers

FAQs on Your Wix Website: Some Tips & Tricks

It doesn’t matter how old your business might be; you will need a FAQs section on your website. Customers often have questions, and they don’t want to wait too long for an answer. Hence, FAQs come in handy as they display all the questions and the correct answers.

However, while you design and develop your FAQs section, keep the following tips in mind:

  • You can keep your FAQs section FAQ friendly

  • Answer in your brand’s tone of voice

  • Add social media buttons

  • Keep the answers short, crisp and concise

Go ahead and list down those FAQs on your website, and make for a fantastic customer experience on your website.


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