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A Guide To Wix Forms, Messages & Automation

Wix Forms have a wide range of capabilities that businesses and website owners can utilize for their excellence.

While they cater to many needs, the additional benefits and add-ons make up the deal. Apart from setting up a form, Wix also allows you to send confirmation messages to the users who submit the form.

Moreover, most of this process can be automated using Wix’s Automation Tools.

So let us look closely and dive deeper into how you can manage and add Wix Forms, how can the confirmation messages be edited, and how the processes can be automated.

How To Manage & Add Forms on Wix?

The first thing you want to do is add a form on your Wix website page.

  1. Click on the Editor bar on the left

  2. Click Contact & Forms

  3. The menu with different variants of Wix Forms might appear

  4. Choose the template you want to go for, and it will appear on your page

The first tip is always to name your Wix Form appropriately so that the responses and the actions on the form are identifiable.

Form Submission Notification

Once your form is complete, you can finally determine what happens when a user fills up your form and submits it. This is how you can control what takes place when someone submits a Form.

  1. Select the Form you want to edit the responses for

  2. Click on Form Settings

  3. In the appearing options, click on Submit Message

  4. It’ll showcase four options:

    1. Show success message

    2. Go to the site page or lightbox

    3. Link to external URL

    4. Show link to file download

  5. You can also edit the after-submission text that appears

What Happens After Someone Submits A Form?

Once users submit a form, they need to have a determined path concerned with what they need to do next.

This is where automation comes in. You can determine the right triggers for what your users have to do once they’re done filling and submitting the form.

  1. Visit your site’s dashboard

  2. On the left-hand side, click on CRM Tools

  3. Click on Automation

  4. Click on New Automation on the top right

  5. Select the Wix app as the choice for automation. In this case, choose Wix Forms.

  6. Scroll down and select the form which will trigger the automation

  7. Choose from Any form or A specific form

  8. Select from the specific form you want to trigger automation from, below

  9. Further, it would help to choose the follow-up action to the automated trigger.

  10. You can conduct a list of follow-up actions after the trigger, ranging from sending an email to connecting to Zapier, etc.

Communicating With Your Users

So that is how you can create a form and direct your users to the desired action you want them to take. The Wix automation tools make the entire process much more organized and streamlined in more than one way.

While it lets your audience know about the next step, it also exudes a sense of professionalism and seriousness towards your business.


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