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You Don't Own Your Instagram

Or your Facebook Business Page, or your Pinterest page, or your Tik Tok.

Sensing a theme here? In fact, the only digital property that you truly own is your website.

This fact was brought to everyone's attention this week when a woman lost @metaverse Instagram handle days after Facebook name change

She did eventually get the handle back. But it took a global uproar and media attention to make this happen. You better believe that Meta (aka Facebook) is figuring out ways to avoid this next time.

Ultimately, big corporations get what big corporations want. This is what they do, they find chokepoints, and turn your "wants" into their revenue.

But this post isn't about corporation bashing or a philosophical dissertation on modern capitalism and transfers of wealth.

This is about what YOU can do to protect YOUR business.

And the most important thing you can do is...make the website the focus of your digital identity. If you're using social media to generate traffic or even direct revenue, that's great!

But have you taken steps to transition those fans to your website? Have you...

  1. Accumulated opt-in email lists

  2. Built out a list of double opt-in SMS #s?

  3. Delivered terrific content that your audience finds useful, entertaining, educational, etc?

  4. Designed your website to generate revenue, build your business, and create brand evangelists?

Have questions? Comment here or contact Todd directly at 302-307-3247


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