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How to use Social Media Correctly?

Social media has the power to take your brand to the skies – but only if you use it the right way. Many get lost in the glamor of words like “Viral” and “Engagement”, not knowing the stakes they represent. As a result, their business suffers.

Therefore, if you care for your business, you need to implement social media strategies the right way.

But what are the wrong ways to use social media?

Flying Blind on Social media platforms

Social media marketing is not about regurgitating random thoughts without an ounce of care for a strategy. However, some take a spontaneous approach. Inspired by posts that became viral for no reason, some users try to cook up random content with 100% style and 0% substance.

Posting for EVERYBODY

People’s constant need for quick notoriety pushes them to create mediocre posts hoping that everyone would like them. With no defined target audience, their content can’t take off. Instead, their post section experiences a severe lack of engagement. If you don’t know who you’re writing for, you’re not going to get your social media posts off the ground.

Thinking that all social media platforms are the same

Many consider social media as a single shoe that fits every size – not knowing that the foundation of these platforms differs. For instance, they take the same meme-attic approach when posting on LinkedIn as they do on Facebook. While it is quirky, the crowd these platforms cater to aren’t the same, nor are their algorithms.

Finding the right way to use Social Media

Social media platforms are indeed a boon. Using them right can not only help you get more

customers but connect and serve them in ways like never before. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are shortcuts to gaining notoriety, but only if you use them right.

Control the feed

Not everything is sharable or worth your attention. Therefore, add only those in your circle on these platforms that can give you value. Valuable posts can become an inspiration for your content. Don’t consume all the posts; for your business, it is healthy, and for your mental state, it is worse.

Define your target audience beforehand

Before you even enter one word on the platform, learn for whom you’re writing. If you want to grab the “viral” fruit, you need to get enough “engagement” to give your post the necessary push. Targeted write-ups are, therefore, essential.

Pick your social media platform.

All social media platforms tout that they are fit for all kinds of businesses. But you’re smart enough to pick up on the marketing gimmick of these claims. Choose the platform that suits your industrial domain.

Don’t skimp on the content.

Take a long and hard look at your content before pressing the “submit post” button. Implement the best social media management to create that content, modify the hashtags, and add professional-level graphics to them. Please do everything you can to enhance your content to make it inescapable.


Social media seems like a quick-fix, a marketing band-aid where a few nice words are enough to get your brand notice. But using it right takes a lot more strategy than what meets the eye. Pay attention to the trends, consume only worthy content, and put more effort into your posts, for that’s the only way you’d have any chance for your content to see that light.


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