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Ideas For Small Business Marketing

The Top 5 Website Marketing Tips for 2022 are...

Throw At Walls

Most small business have big ideas but small budgets. In the world of marketing , this means

you cannot take big risks. Don't put your entire marketing budget into 1 unproven channel or strategy.

Take lots of small ideas, throw them at the wall (i.e. try them out), and measure your results. The ones that work will be both abundantly clear and probably surprising.

Some tactics we've seen work in the past year:

  1. Text message marketing

  2. A focus on Google reviews. You'd be amazed how a ton of 5 star reviews can boost your conversion rates!

  3. Billboards (yes, billboards are still a thing)

  4. Tik Tok - It's not that hard to create 15 second videos

  5. Old fashioned Social Media Content. It's true that organic reach is nowhere near what it used to be. But growing an audience is still key to online growth. Eyeballs are $s and once you have them, they will turn into revenue

  6. Want more? Contact us

Move Fast, Fail Fast

Attention spans are decreasing, competition is in hyper drive, and there's no time to "wait and see" in the world of small business website marketing. Unless it's a big strategic decision, involves significant budget, or takes your brand in a different direction, make fast marketing decisions. Take action! If it doesn't work, don't be afraid to pull the plug or make changes right away

Learn From Failure

You're doomed to repeat it if you don't learn from it. It's common sense, right? But it's also amazing how many websites and SMB owners we see make the same mistakes over and over and...

Keep a basic excel file of your marketing attempts and results. Make a Google Sheet. Write it down in a notepad. Just keep a summary of what you did and what you learned. Then, read through all of it at least once a quarter

Hire Experience

Your business is your baby. It was your idea and you built it up with limited or even no help. You've done everything in the business. From branding to marketing to operations. But as you grow, you have to delegate.

Failure to delegate will doom you to a never-ending existence of 100 hour weeks and missed opportunities.

But don't just hire and then forget about that part of your business. Yes, of course you have to continually keep tabs on, and communicate with your team. But what if your team took the lead and communicated with you? What if your team was the one teaching you?

By hiring specialists who know more than you, it's like immediately upgrading your business. [warning, incoming shameless plug]. Yes, you could hire someone like BizLadder to build and manage your website. But you can also hire individuals to be actual employees. Make them feel like that are part of something and they will give you everything

Build a Brand

A brand is more than just a great logo and you shouting into the wind how awesome your idea/product/service is.

A brand is an emotion. A feeling. A sensation that is brought to the surface by the mere mention of the brand name. If you've done it correctly, you don't control it. Your customers and clients do. You can only influence what they think, how they feel, and what the brand means to them

Brand building does not happen overnight, but here are 3 tips to build a solid foundation for your brand:

  1. Authenticity - Does your branding, messages, website design, and everything else about your business speak authentically to who you are? Who your business is? People can sniff out an inauthentic brand without even realizing they're doing it. Think of the last commercial or ad you saw that made you say "yeah right" or "why is this person telling me this". That's often due to the branding being disingenuous or unauthentic to the brand itself

  2. Continuity - Make sure the entirety of your business carries the same theme and conveys the same feeling. Does your store design say, "come on in, we're awesome" but your website says, "we haven't touched this since 2007"? Before becoming a customer or client, it's likely that someone will need to see or touch your brand 7 times. Do all 7 of those experiences convey the same meaning?

  3. Customer Service - An oldie, but a goodie. It's how you will separate from the corporate competition. And from the well-funded, slick startups. People still do business with people. And how you treat yours (customers, employees, vendors) will make all the difference

Have other tips or ideas that have worked for you? Let us know in the comments.

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