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Wix SEO by BizLadder

Choose the service that's right for your website or contact us and we'll help you decide

- Your rankings will improve or your money back!
- Choose the service based on the problem you're having with your wix website
- No contracts, no maintenance fees


    Every month
    Get Your Site Seen By Google - Guaranteed
    • THE PROBLEM = Google is not seeing all of the pages
    • THE SOLUTION = The 3-month BizLadder Visibility Plan
    • THE GUARANTEE = Your Google rankings will improve
    • THE GUARANTEE - # of pages indexed by Google will increase
    • HOW LONG = 3 Months and then until cancelled

    Build the Perfect SEO Foundation
    Valid for one month
    • THE PROBLEM = No SEO or bad SEO on your current website
    • THE SOLUTION = 1 Month of building a solid SEO foundation
    • THE GUARANTEE = Your Google rankings will improve
    • DETAILS = Keyword strategy, Sitemap Optimization....
    • Google search console, analytics, + tag manager installed...
    • Image optimization, and more
    • HOW LONG = 1 Month
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