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Wix Media Sorting File Names in Numerical Order


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First Requested:

June 25, 2021 at 5:03:46 PM

Last Updated:

May 25, 2023 at 10:24:02 AM


Currently, it is not possible to sort files, with names consisting of digits,
in numerical order. The Media Manager sorts files by the first digit listed,
meaning files are sorted as such: 1, 100, 11, 12, 13, 130... 20, 200, 21.

However, you can work around this by adding 0 or 00 to the beginning of each
file name and re-uploading them to the Media Manager.

Click an option below to learn how to update file names in bulk:

#### Learn how to update file names in bulk on a PC

1. Open the File Explorer and select the files you want to update.
2. Click **Home** at the top left of the File Manager.
3. Click **Rename.**
4. Type 0 or 00 at the beginning of the file name and press the Enter key on your keyboard. **

#### Learn how to update file names in bulk on a Mac

Learn how to change the name of multiple files at once on a Mac here.

We are always working to update and improve our products, and your feedback is
hugely appreciated.

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for this feature and we'll make sure to keep you updated.

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