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Site Members Request: Redirecting Members to a Specific Page Upon Signup/Login


Site Members


Creating the Member Signup and Login Forms



First Requested:

August 27, 2021 at 10:14:05 AM

Last Updated:

May 25, 2023 at 10:24:05 AM


Currently, when a site member signs up or logs in to your Wix site, they are
directed to the page they signed up/logged in from. It is not possible to
redirect site members to a specific page after they sign up or log in.

As a workaround, you can add a button to your page, add the text "Log In" to
it, and link it to a members-only page. When your visitors click the button
and log in, they will be directed to the members only page.

## To link a button to a members-only page:

1. Go to your site's Editor.
2. Go to the Add panel:
* **Wix Editor:** ?Click **Add** on the left side of the Editor.
* **Editor X:** ?Click **Add Elements** ???????? at the top of Editor X.
3. Click **Button**.
4. Drag a button onto your page.
5. Click the button on the page.
6. Click the Link icon .
7. Select a members-only page on your site under **Which page?**

1. Click **Done**.
2. Publish your site.

We are always working to update and improve our products, and your feedback is
greatly appreciated.

If this is a feature you would like to see in the future, please click **Vote
for this feature** and we'll make sure to keep you updated.

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