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How To Reorder Blog Posts on Wix?


Blog posts are an effective way to bring the audience to your Wix website. While it's the content that can make an overall difference, the way they’re presented and can be accessed also makes a difference.


If your business or Wix website tends to publish regular blog posts for content marketing purposes, then it becomes necessary for you to present it in an orderly manner.


While the default Wix settings allow you to sort your blog posts on the basis of when the blog posts were published, there’s a way you can edit that.


Let us learn more about how to reorder your blog posts on Wix.

No Additional Sorting Options Available

As of now, there’s no additional sorting option available for the users to implement on the Wix websites. There is no way that you can sort your blogs out from newest to oldest or by the most liked, most viewed or most commented blog.


This feature is still a request on Wix Support. If you’re someone who is looking forward to having Wix add this feature to their platform, you can vote for it here.


However, there’s still a way by which you can edit the order in which your blog posts can be viewed.

Changing The Order of Wix Blog Posts


Currently, you will be able to view your blog posts on your Wix website in chronological order. This means that the newest blog post appears on the top and the older ones go below that.

To change the order of the blog posts, this is what you need to do:


  1. Open your Wix website’s site dashboard

  2. Click on the Blogs tab on the left-hand panel in your website’s dashboard.

  3. Choose the blog you want to edit.

  4. Once the post opens up, click on the Settings icon on the left side panel.

  5. Click on the Publish Date box

  6. Set the date you want. To make it appear on top, it has to be the latest date out of all the blog posts. Similarly, for it to go down, choose an older date.

  7. Click on Save & Publish

There’s also an option to filter your blog posts on Wix. In order to do that, on your dashboard, in the blogs section:


  1. Go to the blogs tab in your dashboard

  2. Click the er drop down menu at the top-right

  3. Check the relevant boxes pertaining to the blog’s characteristics

  4. Click on Apply to Filter drop-down menu at the top right.

  5. Select the relevant check boxes on the basis of your search query

  6. Click on Apply to apply the filter to your search

Reordering Blog Posts on Wix: Conclusion

Blog posts are an amazing measure to bring users to your website. On one hand, it filters out the relevant users who actually might be interested in your product or service and have queries about it. On the other, it grows organically and generates traffic as a trickle-down measure in the coming years.


Publishing quality content can go a long way for any website. While Wix provides a ton of functionalities in the form of their own and third-party tools, there’s still a lot that many users look forward to.


Stay tuned as Wix brings in more such functionalities when it comes to publishing or reordering a blog post on the platform.

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