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How to remove apps from Wix

The wix app market is amazing. It is full of apps that add more functionalities to your Wix site and give you many options to play around with. However, removing the apps that are not useful to you is wise. It happens often, and that's why people ask how to remove an app from Wix?

How do I manage apps on my Wix account?

Wix App Market | Powerful Web Apps for your Site |

To view your app on your wix site: Visit the Wix App Market Editor. Select the app icon. X Editors: Click the Market icon in X Editors menu. X. Click on app management.

The good news is there is an easy fix to get rid of the apps you are not finding particularly appealing or valuable. There are two methods you can implement, and the ones you use will depend on the app subscription you want to remove.

This blog will highlight both methods so that you can get a cleaner and hopefully better experience of using your Wix subscription.

Method #1 to Remove Installed Apps

Permanently Deleting an App from Wix

Here are the steps want to uninstall an app your Wix website:


1.     Go to your wix dashboard

2.     Hover your mouse over the “Apps” tab

3.     Select “Manage Apps” from the pop-up menu.

4.     Move your mouse on the app that you want to delete from your site

5.     Click on the ellipses button. It will give you a menu with the four following options

a.     App Info

b.     Rate & Review

c.     Support

d.     Delete

6.     Click on the Delete Button.

7.    Wix will ask you why you want to delete the app. It will give you a menu with a list of reasons to choose from.

8.     Select the reason, and if you won't provide a detailed description of the same.

9.     Click on the “Delete App” button.

Note: This method will only work for Add-on applications, i.e., apps that you have added on later to add extra bells and whistles for more functionality to the website or to do anything else. You can’t use this method to delete apps that are not add-ones- once that necessarily deliver the basic functionality depending upon the type of website you created when you started.

Method #2 to Remove Apps in the Wix Business Solutions List

Here are the steps of the second method to remove unwanted apps from Wix. You use this method to remove apps that are not add-ons – apps that Wix added to your website designing arsenal when you first created your site.


1.     Go to the Wix Editor

2.     Go to the Menus and Pages option at the top of the editor’s left pane, below "+."

3.     Go to "Site menu."

4.     Besides it, you'll have the list of the installed Wix business solutions.

5.     Find the app you want to delete.

Note: The app would have a different name. For instance, if you want to select Wix Online Orders, the app on the Site Menu will say “Online Ordering.” It specifies the functionality that the menu represents.

6.     Click on the Ellipses beside the app name.

7.     Click on Delete.

8.     Confirm and Delete

Note: You will find that the site option to delete the preloaded app is available via the same method as the previous section (Wix Dashboard). However, it won't work. Wix will tell you to use the editor to remove the app.


One of the best things about the Wix marketplace is that it allows you to experiment with add-ons from time to time. But once you've played around enough, you need to delete them.

In this article, we have shown you how to remove the add-ons and the preloaded apps that were added when you created the website. It is a good option for those still in the learning phase and fine-tune their websites for the better.

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