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How to link Menu Items to Anchors on Wix?

When creating your Wix website, it is essential to ensure that your customers can easily navigate through your e-commerce or another website.


In order to make the process of navigating your users effectively with your website, there are a ton of tools and techniques available in Wix, that can assist you in doing so.


One such tool is anchors present on Wix. Anchors can turn out to be an amazing tool, in case your website consists of various menus to navigate through. Let us understand how you can use anchors and link them to the menu items on your website.

Anchors & How to Use Them?

Anchors are invisible position markers which can be placed around your website. You can link your anchors to redirect your users to any important section on your website.


An anchor can be used and implemented either by linking elements to them or by displaying them in an anchor menu.


But before all of that, let us find out how you can add anchors to your website in the first place:


  1. Click on Add (+) on the left side of the Wix Editor

  2. Select on Menu & Anchor

  3. Drag the anchor to your desired location on the website

  4. Click the anchor and click on Rename

  5. Type the name in the field

  6. You can repeat the steps above all over your website, wherever you need an anchor.


Once you have figured out the utility of anchors on your Wix website, it’s time to figure out the correct way to link them with each other.

Linking Items To Your Anchor


After adding your anchor, you can link items to your anchor. Be it any image, button or anything else. So, whenever the element is clicked, your user gets redirected to the relevant anchor.


Linking your elements to your anchor showcases relevant information to the user, and makes it even more accessible.


To link any element to your anchor:


  1. Click the element you want to link from

  2. Click on the icon below, which adds the link.

  3. A pop-up appears asking what you want to link to

  4. Click Anchor on the left panel

  5. In the drop-down menu that follows, select the page and anchor you’d like to link the element to.


You can also link menu items to an anchor on Wix. Let’s learn more about the same.

Linking Menu Items To An Anchor

An anchor menu allows your visitors to visit a specific section of your website by clicking the anchor name on your website.


To add an anchor menu:

  1. Click Add (+) on the left side of the menu

  2. Click on Menu & Anchor

  3. Select Anchor Menus

  4. Drag any anchor menu to your webpage

Working With Anchor Menus on Wix


An easy-to-explore website makes for a better user experience overall. This can be beneficial for allowing your users to navigate around your website easily.


Anchors are a very effective tool to enable your users to navigate around your website in a breezy manner. If and when used effectively, anchors will ease the navigation process, make the user experience better and even reduce the bounce rate eventually.

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