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How do I Talk to a Live Person at Wix?

How can I talk to someone at Wix?

Customer Service Rep

It is one question often asked when people are stuck and want the solution immediately from Wix Customer Service. The good news is, it is easy. But the bad news is that there are some hoops that you'll need to go through to talk to a live customer service agent.

If that bothers you, don’t be. In this article, we’ll give you two ways to reach out to Wix. The second way is a shortcut that you can use to connect to a live person and get your issues resolved relatively quickly.

Let us begin.

Does Wix have telephone support?

Yes, they do provide callback services where you can get Wix support. Being an international company with an extensive knowledge base, you would think they would force you to only use the online Wix help center instead of talking to a real person but this is not the case!

Of course, Wix would prefer to conduct a live chat with their customers but we can show you how to speak to a live agent.

Phone Support Option #1: If you are familiar with the issue

The first method of contacting Wix Support lies inside your Editor. This method works inside Editor, Editor X, or ADI. You might get different menu items for your Wix site, but the gist is the same. You’re looking for the Wix help center, so you’ll need to hover over the Help tab in your website Editor to get started.  

Wix Support Steps:

Wix Support Services.png

1.     Click on Help

2.     Select Editor Help Centre

3.    In the Help Centre dialogue box, type in “Wix customer support." (you don't need to be fancy about it and use capitalization, enter those terms)

4.     Click on “Contacting Wix Customer Support.”

5.     Click on the Get started link

6.     You'll end up on the Contact Wix Page.

7.     Select the reason why you’re reaching out to them

Note: When you start a ticket, try to give the agent some context and why you reach out. If you don't, the support specialist might have to reach out to the right team or even transfer your ticket to another department, which will waste time, both yours and theirs. If you want instant support from Wix, you should provide the reason from the get-go.

Phone Support Option #2: Reaching out if you don’t know the issue

Sometimes, the problems aren't that apparent or are not listed in the problems sections. Don't get distressed; you can still reach out to them directly by following the steps below:

Wix Support Services

Wix Support Steps:

1.     Click on Help

2.     Select Editor Help Center

3.     In the Help Center dialogue box, type in “Wix customer support.”

4.     Click on “Contacting Wix Customer Support.”

5.     Click on the Get started link

6.     You'll end up on the Contact Wix Page.

7.     Click on the “Other” option since your reasons for contacting Wix aren’t listed.

8.     On the page you land, go down and click the “Other” option again

9.     Enter something that describes your problem. Don’t worry about being precise about it. The support team will ask you more questions to get to the reason.

10. Click on Request a Callback.

Note: Even if the guide states that you can be vague about your issues if you don’t know too much about them, try to be as thorough as possible from your end. Even if you can paint a little bit clearer picture of your issues, the agent will call you back with precise solutions. It will help you get your issues resolved quickly.

If that's something, you're not able to do. Don't worry. You can also give the Wix support specialists a link to the website you're working on. It will provide them with a semblance of what the issue you might be facing.

What are the alternative ways to contact

Wix customer service?

While Wix does have a chat support team where you can have live chat, there are alternatives for support services:

  1. Contact Biz Ladder! Our formula is simple: You run your business + we run your website + we manage your digital identity = your business grows. We don't offer live chat services and for our business clients, we only offer phone support! :-)

  2. Submit a ticket via the system referenced above, after clicking “Get Started”

  3. Request a callback from Wix, again via the system after clicking “Get Started”


Wix is quick to provide complete support to its customers and companies. However, the catch is that you must have some hint about the issue you face. While not knowing the problem right away won’t delay the call back by much time, it is still a good idea to know something about the website problems so that your issues can get resolved as quickly as possible.

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