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How To Manage Order Notifications & Emails on Wix

Sending order notification emails to your customers is a step ahead for your business in many ways.

It is a clear and effective way to communicate to your customers about any updates on the orders they place and receive. Businesses can send an email to their customers on occasions like when a customer makes their purchase and when their order is shipped.

Let us understand what Wix’s email notifications offer and how users can tweak the functionalities to their requirements.

Order Email Notifications on Wix

There are four significant email notifications on Wix that you can send to your customers. Let us understand how you can deploy order email notifications on Wix.

  1. Visit the eCommerce Settings tab on your Wix website's dashboard.

  2. Scroll down to the Order Email Notifications section.

  3. Come down to the Order Confirmation bit. You need to ensure that the ‘send email automatically’ checkbox is ticked. This will be done to send an email to customers as and when they place an order.

  4. Moving on, you will find the Shipping confirmation section below. This notification might be helpful for stores and businesses integrated with third parties to fulfill the orders. You can select or deselect this option as you want. It usually gets updated when the third party uploads a tracking number.

Customize Your Order Notification Emails on Wix

Wix offers its users the ability to customize their order notifications on emails further. This can help businesses reframe the messages and tone of voice following their brands.

You can customize the following four kinds of emails:

  • Order confirmation

  • Shipping confirmation

  • Resend download link

  • Ready for pickup email

Let us follow these steps to customize your email text:

  1. Go to the eCommerce tab on your dashboard.

  2. Scroll down and look for the Order Email Notifications section.

  3. Edit the Order Confirmation email:

    1. Click Edit under Order Confirmation

    2. You can edit any of the available text fields for your email. It would help if you kept in mind before customizing the email text here that this will go with every variation of your products. Hence, make sure you write an email that goes with each product and is uniform across all the variants.

    3. You can further choose if you want your email address and phone number to be shown by selecting or deselecting the Show email or Show phone number checkboxes.

You can do the edits similarly for the remaining three of the email types listed above.


Having an order confirmation email or for other purposes to cater to your customers is a fantastic way to operate. It gives a sense of transparency and professionalism, making them trust the business more in the longer run.

You can even automate these notifications further to assist your order notification processes and make them more secure and efficient.


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