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How To Automate Your Copyright Using Code on Wix?

Have you seen the tiny text at the bottom of every website? Something that goes like ‘Copyright 2021 by XYZ Limited. All Rights Reserved’.

This little date at the bottom of your website has a role and should be updated accordingly every year. One way to do so is by manually inputting the date at every instance. At the same time, another way to look at it is by automating it.

Yes, you can automate the date below with the help of code, that too, very easily. Let us understand how you can do it in a few simple steps.

How To Change The Copyright Date on Wix?

First things first, open the Wix Editor.

  1. In the Editor, switch to Dev Mode

  2. Click on the icon that’s on the top on the left-hand side

  3. This will open the Page Code, and list all the main pages

  4. Scroll down further and reach Global {Site}

  5. Under Global {Site}, you’ll further find Masterpage.js

  6. Below you’ll see a box listed with code and the existing function

  7. Write down the text in the format- by Your Company Name. All Rights Reserved

  8. The footer copyright code is present on the right in the same line. It might show an error about the code looking for an element on the website with the same ID.

  9. Copy the code ‘footer copyright’ and select the item or the text which consists of the copyright

  10. On selecting the item, the property section pops up on the right. Paste ‘footer copyright’ over there. This will change the text into a placeholder text.

  11. Preview the text and save it.

Test it once or twice and ensure there are no typos or errors from your end.

Changing The Copyright Date on Wix Using Code

Once you are done doing so, test it by opening your website in another tab and going to the page's bottom.

You’ll be able to notice that the year would’ve been updated on its own. This will ensure that you won’t have to change your copyright date again.

Conclusion: Using Code on Wix

When it comes to code on Wix, it might sound intimidating to many people, and for the right reasons. Wix’s initial purpose has always been to create no-code websites that stand out.

However, with minimal code usage at places, you can automate many of your functions on Wix, and hence code can be more of your friend rather than a bully. Whenever and wherever possible, feel free to automate your repetitive tasks on Wix.


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