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Editor X Training: All You Need To Know About Datasets, Repeaters & Collections

Wix decided to launch Editor X in 2020. Editor X, their fully responsive website creation platform, has some significant additions and benefits over the conventional Wix Editor in place.

With the primary focus behind Editor X being on designers and agencies, there are some functionalities that even business owners can make use of. One such set of features is Datasets, Repeaters, and Collections.

So, how are repeaters & collections important in Wix? What role do they play? Let us find out all you need to know about how you can use them effectively for your Wix website.

How To Use Repeaters in Wix Editor X?

A repeater is an element that displays multiple items using the same layout. So, whenever you are working on Wix and adding objects such as tables, rows, columns, and grids, one needs to ascertain the responsiveness it should have.

This is where repeaters come into play. You can create any layout required, and the repeater adapts and displays the same design with different content. Once you set the level of responsiveness and connect it to a dataset, no matter what changes occur, the changes look responsive on the website.

Connecting it to a Dataset

Once the repeaters are set up, you need to connect your repeater to your dataset.

This will ensure that your repeaters remain dynamic. As soon as you connect your dataset to the repeaters, it will be able to retrieve information from the collection associated with the respective repeater.

Moreover, if you want to add more items to the display, you can do so easily by using datasets. It can also adjust its size to match the number of things you want it to display by using the “Number of items to display” field in the Dataset Settings panel.

Connecting Elements To Your Dataset

Once you‘ve connected the repeater to your dataset, you also can connect specific elements in your repeater to your datasets.

Any edits made in one item will automatically be reflected on the other items within the dataset. Hence, working on just one element in your repeater shall do the job.

However, if there are any elements you’d want to remain uniform throughout, it can be done by not connecting the repeaters to the dataset. These are usually done for the items which denote a specific category or a feature that is the same throughout the entire collection in the repeater.

Features & Benefits

The repeaters and dataset feature by Wix takes away most of the repetitive tasks that you would have done had they not been in place.

Once you set up your repeaters and connect them to a dataset, you can make the edits you want, from moving the existing elements to adding newer ones in the same collection.

Moreover, since all the repeater items use a similar template, the look and feel remain uniform and consistent.


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