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We build customized, comprehensive digital strategies to help boost your traffic, leads, revenue, and profits.

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Our First Website


5 Star Reviews


eCommerce Products Launched


Average Improvement in SEO Visibility


Clients Now Do Over $1 million in Annual Online Revenue


Todd Handler



We know small, local businesses because we are one!

Who is BizLadder?

Formed in 2014 to improve the web presence, marketing, lead generation, and most importantly revenues of small businesses. 

  • 2 Years (and increasing) - Average client engagement. Clients stay with us because we help them grow!

  • $10,000,000+ ad spend managed

  • 10,000+ leads delivered to small businesses

Who is Todd Handler?

  • BizLadder Founder

  • Built, owned, managed 3 different million dollar online businesses

  • First (personal) website built in 1999

  • First paying client in 2000

  • First online, eCommerce sale obtained in 2002

  • 50,000+ products launched online


What we can do for your business

Website Design

This is it, where it all begins. If your web design is faulty then the foundation on which all future efforts rely on will be unstable and unreliable. Do it correctly and every dollar you spend on marketing, advertising, and future design will be more effective.

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Website Management

You run your business and we'll run your website. By working closely with you to align goals, promotions, and messages,

we'll handle all the details of updating, editing, and optimizing your website.

With content and asset updates guaranteed in 1 business day, we ensure your website responds to any rapidly changing industry or competitive landscape

We’re so confident that we can help your website gain more exposure that we have a 100% money-back guarantee on this service. No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. But after 20+ years of building and growing websites, we are willing to assume the risk and guarantee your results!

Recent examples from real clients - A 22,640% improvement (not a typo) in visibility. That's exceptionally high, we admit. But another client has seen an 1122% improvement. These are just 2 examples of many.

PPC is the new SEO! Look at the search results, what do you see? Almost all content above the fold is now paid advertising. If you're not "grabbing land" on this search results page then your potential customers will not find you.

We're Google certified experts who have been panelists at national and regional google events, and we've managed millions of dollar in ad spend.


Conversion Rate Optimization - We'll thoroughly review your website, down to every last pixel, and come up with an in depth and specific action plan to improve your results. As with analytics, this means you get more revenue from the same website traffic!


Social Media Marketing 

It's all the buzz now and with good reason. Without a solid social media plan, your business will be left behind. The time to act on social media is now!

With today's sophisticated targeting options available on all platforms, we'll ensure the right message is delivered to the right customer at the right time.

Not Sure Where To Start? Try these...

Maybe you just need a quick answer for your Wix account. We've written a direct guide on how to speak to someone at Wix.

Why Us


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We Know Small Business

Because we are a small business. With over decades of experience in working with small business clients AND operating multiple small business, we understand the specific challenges you run into.

Design for Growth

Standing still is falling behind, so our work is geared towards promoting and growing your business.

From our expert web design through our online marketing and web optimizations, we are focused on giving you a better bottom line.

Partners in Your Success

Your success equals our success. Right from the start we'll work with you to understand yours goals and measures of success. All our services and design will be completed with those goals in  mind . 


  • Why BizLadder?
    We're a single point of contact for your website needs. While we strategically call on a myriad of designers, developers, marketers, and other experts, BizLadder serves as your 1-stop-shop for your online presence. So you always speak to the person in charge, never have to chase down answers, and always know who is responsible for the success of your project. We don't have countless, superfluous meetings, calls, and review sessions with multiple teams and employees. Your point of contact will respond to you within 1 business day, guaranteed. Your time is worth dollars and we respect that by cutting through the corporate excess and getting down to the business of helping your business succeed
  • How much will it cost?
    While every business and project is different, you can expect the following: Installment payments for any major project. You will see results before you have to pay in full Affordable, competitive pricing. We won't be the cheapest you find, but we will be competitive We will deliver FAR more value and insights than what you pay for. It's why clients stay with us for years
  • Any Guarantees?
    You will receive a response from us within 1 business day You will have 1 point of contact who can either answer all of your questions immediately or will converse with our expert team and then respond accordingly. You never have to chase down answers, people, or your project details We will improve your web presence via a systematic, analytical, and proven approach.
  • Our Technology
    We utilize a combination of machine powered learning, powerful tools, custom scripts, and most importantly decades of experience and human oversight. With regular reporting and even instant notifications of important alerts, our system and people will ensure you're always on top of your digital presence
  • Our Process
    Learn Optimize Earn! As in more revenue for your business
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